General Sherman Letter to President Lincoln Concerning Political Situation in Georgia


Sherman Documents

Sherman Documents

September 17, 1864

Atlanta Ga

6 P M Sept 17″ 1864

I will keep the Department fully advised of all developments as connected with the subject in which you feel so interested– A Mr Wright, former member of Congress from Rome Ga and a Mr King of Marietta are now going between Gov Brown and myself– I have said that some of the people of Georgia are now engaged in rebellion began in error and perpetrated in pride; but that Georgia can now save herself form the devastation of War preparing for her only by withdrawing her quota out of the Confederate Army, and aiding me to repel Hood from the border of the State; in which event instead of desolating the land, as we progress I will keep our men to the high roads and commons, and pay for the corn and meat we need and take– I am fully conscious of the delicate nature of such assertions, but it would be a magnificent stroke of policy, if I could without wasting a foot of ground or of principle arouse the latent enmity to Jeff Davis, of Georgia–

The people do not hesitate to say, that Mr Stevens was, and is, a Union man at heart, and they feel that Jeff Davis will not trust him, or let him have a share in his Government

W. T. Sherman

Maj Genl


From Abraham Lincoln Collection at the Library of Congress
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