July 6, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia

6 July. 1864.

I felt dull today, too much so to go to town. I visited some of the neighbors, heard their complaints and indulged in sad reflections on the consequences of this sad war, and thanked God that I had no agency in involving our happy country in it. How desolate do I feel in witnessing and hearing of so much distress & heartlessness for the safety of my two sons in the Armies of Va. and Geo. and my wife andĀ other members of my family, so separated from me that I can neither hear of them nor partake of their counsel nor sympathy. How cheering is the hope of Heaven under such circumstances and the knowledge that God overrules all things. During the day the supply train of 1st. div. Cav. Corps of Dept. Cumberland encamped on the premises under Maj’r Flag, Capt. Rankin Garfield, the train consisted of about 100 wagons, 1000 mules and horses and 400 men, the intelligent and gentlemanly deportment of the officers & men relieved me a little from depression of spirits, and rendered the evening less sad than the morning.

From Documenting the American South – UNC Chapel HillĀ http://docsouth.unc.edu/imls/kingwilliam/king.html