July 31, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia

31 July. 1864.

Another Sabbath has come, without its accompanying enjoyments, all bustle & noise, with the regular performance of secular duties.

I asked Col. E. why he had no Chaplain to his Reg’t, he said they had one at first, but though he was a good & learned Man, he finding he could do no good, resigned & they have had none since. I am almost tempted to offer him my services while he remains here, but do not know how acceptable it would be. I think I will delay it for another Sabbath, should they remain here so long, he says many of his men are religious men, and hold prayer meetings regularly. I must form the acquaintance of some of them, as I am not allowed to go to town to attend Church, nor do I know if there are any Church services there. None of us county people are allowed to go to town nor the town people to come in the county–a great privation to me. Mr. Shepard with his 2 little daughters made me a visit this morning. Capt. Scott has been sick with fever for 2 days in the House, he is better today. We had a good dinner today, Col. E. having sent me a fine piece of Beef for roasting, regular genuine Yankee Beef. Maria cooked it in fine style & I had Col. E. & 2 of his officers to dine. We all acted well our part, I praising the Beef which was very fine, much better than any of Shugirts, & they praising the cooking. We have had a rainy day today. Rain much needed. I have written a Letter to my Wife to go by New York. How I wish I could see them all, the hope in the future is all which cheers. Col. E. informs me this evening that he has orders to leave with his Reg’t at 5 o’clock in the morning to protect the Wagon train to Buckhead near Atlanta, how lonely again will it leave me to leave such pleasant company as he & his officers have been; they have added greatly to my comfort, I went to bed early this evening as I intended to be up early in the morning, knowing that stragglers would remain behind.

From Documenting the American South- UNC Chapel Hill