August 13, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia

13th. Aug’t. 1864.

Pleasant day today. My guard called again today, anxious to return to me, & as I need his services I have sent him with a note to his command to ask him to furnish Mrs. McClatchy with another guard. I do not know what can attract the young man so warmly to me. Situated as I am, lonely & cheerless, with but little to make him comfortable; and I give him many a sobersided talk, he is a fine young Scotchman about 21 years old. Soldiers just riding up with their Horses loaded with bundles of corn Stalks all in tassels, a daily sight, and a sad one to see the corn crops almost ripe cut down and destroyed, to leave the poor farmers in want another year, but the Horses must have provender. Our Army did the same in cutting the Oat, Wheat & Corn crops–Famine or Want the attendant of an Army

        My guard returned to me this afternoon, he adds a little to my company. I had a long visit this afternoon from a pretty regular visitor for some time, P’y Serg. D.W. Evans from Hillsboro Ohio connected with 1st Reg Ohio Cavalry (Col. Eggleston’s) he is a young man of good sense & fine spirits, he has relieved me much and often of my loneliness–it has been [torn] of much gratification & gratitude to me to experience the enjoyment& [torn] from my free intercourse with the officers & privates of the Federal [torn] of some of the command now encamped around me (6th. Ind’a Cav’y) and only a few of them; all others in their free intercourse with me, have exhibited the conduct of kind delicate and courteous gentleman; a fact which would have been incredible to me, had I not personally experience it. My friend the Campbellite Chaplain makes visits to town every afternoon, and gives me all the news he can learn, which is very little however; he enquired for letters for me, but I can get none; I perform my part in writing often, but I fear my wife finds it quite as difficult to get letters from me. After supper my young friend Evans called and spent about 1 1/2 hours with me.

From Documenting the American South – UNC Chapel Hill