August 16, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia


16th. Aug’t. 1864.

I am nearly broke up this morning. My young guard–Rich’d Caldwell, Loveland, Warren Co. Ohio–command 1st. Ohio Cav’y is ordered in front and he has left me, the poor young fellow shook hands with me on leaving with tears in his eyes. Soon after called Or’y Serg’t Evans & Lieut T.W. Osborn to take leave of me, they have contributed greatly to my enjoyment & comfort for some weeks past, now they are ordered in front to take part in the struggle of War, they seemed to feel the separation as keenly as I did. I gave each of them a small piece of paper with my wife’s address, as I had often done to others before, that if either of them should be taken prisoner they could write to her about my comfortable condition. It has been an occasion of much surprize to me the uninterrupted experience of kindness & sympathy I have experienced from the officers & privates of the Federal Army. Could I be anxious to separate our political connection with such a people? What folly on the part of our politicians, to have involved this once happy country in such a War for such a purpose! May God ordain good results out of such a sad calamity. Often have officers station in town and about, when suddenly ordered off, rode out only to shake hands with me & say goodbye, and then passing near afterwards stopped to make me a short visit–how grateful must I feel for the many manifestations of kind and sympathetic feelings which I have experienced.

        This afternoon I heard that Wheeler [torn] Raid on Tunnel Hill & had blown up and destroyed the Tunnel, & which would probably stop [torn] for 10 days, that he was subsequently attacked by a Cavalry force & defeated losing about [torn] afternoon a Mr. E.H. Clarke of Charlston Coles County Ill: and who has [torn] department, & term of service being out called on me, stating that he being unwell, wanted to lay over a few days, before he proceeded on his journey Home, and said he was advised to stay with me, if agreeable, I told him I would be pleased to have him do so, so I shall have a little more regular company for a few days.


From Documenting the American South- UNC Chapel Hill