August 17, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia

17 Aug’t. 1864.

This morning my old friend Rev’d Mr. Taffe has left me for his Home, if an old bachelor can be said to have any home; I shall miss him much, he has been an agreeable companion for me for many days past, & such pleasant companionship I greatly need in my present lonely condition. God will however provide some other. I have much company about & in the House from the 5th. & 6th. Ind’a Cavalry encamped about me, but I have very little to do with them, finding but little in them congenial to me either in mind or spirits–

Some days ago I had a fine Cat sent to me by Mrs. McClatchy, she is very active in keeping the Rats in subjection; they have been very noisy and turbulent all summer. How anxious am I to hear something from my family & friends, but not a word have I heard from Home for near 2 months & may not be able to hear anything before I return to them, for which I am now becoming very anxious. Could I make some satisfactory arrangements to have the servants & property taken care of here; I would try to get permission to leave at once to go to my friends, as I am becoming very anxious to be with my family, not being able to know anything of them. I sent a Note this afternoon by Mr. Clarke to Mr. Goodman, which he delivered to him, and was to bring his reply, but Mr. G informed him that the Regulations of the Pro. Marshall prohibited all communications, even by Letters between Citizens in & out of town, so great is the precaution to guard against the dangers of spies and unfriendly Citizens, that we are suspected & rigidly watched. Feeling so much more confidence in my own honor & so much more valued where I am known than here where I am unknown, increases my anxiety to get among my friendsРit is painful to remain where I am so suspected, and yet military precaution seems to render it necessary. I learnt this afternoon that 6 Wagons had been captured by a party of our scouts between Marietta & Roswell.


From Documenting the American South- UNC Chapel Hill