August 23, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia


23 Aug’t. 1864.

For 2 days past the [torn] quite cool, fall like. I went this morning to see my old neighbor Mr. Hutchins, who lives in Wm. Russell’s House, he has been sick for over a week, having a family of 6 children, mostly little ones, to provide for by his day labor for Gov’t, having had nothing left him by the Robbers while in the country. I think he has been made sick by over hard work on the R.R. I found there quite an intelligent & interesting soldier–Ives–a brother in Law of Gen’l Bates, he is a native of N.Y. but removed to Ill. many years ago. Tabby’s child is better & she went back to Mr. Shepard’s yesterday. Mam Maria has a bad cold & sick, she has complained much all the summer, & has lost much in weight. I tell her that anxiety & plain living do not agree with her. She is very anxious for me to leave here, her kind feelings controling her, she does not think as well of the Federal soldiers as I do; she says there are too many bad men among them, & she fears I may innocently get into some difficulty–one of them told her the other day that one of the Tel. post near the House had been cut down some night lately, & people believed I did it, it alarmed the old Lady much, she told him I would never do such a thing, and that I never went out of the House at night.

        Dr. Miller is having all the waste planks from the last encampment on the premises collected up, for the use of his Hospital; there is much of it here, and as it was useless for us to try to save it, I sent a message to Dr. M. that he had better take it all.

        Mr. Clarke & myself made Mr. Shepard a visit this afternoon & found another Bale of his Cotton had been cut open & the Bagging stolen, he has no guard. On our return Home, I found my guard had hurried run off, having become alarmed, their pickets having been fired on during our absence, about 1/2 Mile from the House, near Mrs. McC. and had been drawn in, he became apprehensive that the Johneys (Scouts) might come up to the House & take him. We went to Bed without seeing our guard tonight. Fine, pleasant weather.


From Documenting the American South- UNC Chapel Hill