August 28, 1864

William King Diary Entry

Cobb County, Georgia


28th. Aug’t. 1864.

Sabbath again, a most delightful day, bright, clear & cool, everything quiet and calm, scarcely a thing moving about, not even on the Roads. We have this morning traced the stolen pot, it was carried over to a Hospital at Mr. Baker’s place to wash with, they promising to return it today we left it with them, in use. The mosquitoes were very bad last night, as bad as I have ever known them in Sav’h, even keeping me awake. I have written to my wife today to be sent via N.Y.

I made visits this afternoon to old Mrs. Brown & Mr. Patillo, old Mrs. B. in great trouble, she says here she must soon starve, & she cannot get to her children, from whom she might get assistance. Mr. P. says if I return Home via Roswell & Lawrenceville he wants to accompany me that far, to see if he cannot make some arrangement for removing his family, where provisions can be had, as here he can buy nothing. I told him I will go so soon as I can get my passport, & he must provide himself [torn] also, or we cannot go together. I will not leave without a pass. [torn] violate any regulations of the Military, although some of them seem [torn] but were I away the Turks while I was with [torn] not violating my conscience.


From Documenting the American South- UNC Chapel Hill