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Civil War Standards

AP US History
Content Standards

Georgia Performance Standards

Common Core
Literacy Standards

1) Two societies at war:
mobilization, resources, and
internal dissent

2) Military strategies and foreign

3) Emancipation and the role of
African Americans in the war

4) Social, political, & economic
effects of war in the North,
South, & West

1) Describe President Lincoln’s
efforts to preserve the Union
as seen in
 his second
inaugural address and the
Gettysburg speech and in his
use of emergency powers,
such as his decision to
suspend habeas 

2) Describe the roles of UlyssesGrant, Robert E. Lee,
Jackson, William T.
Sherman, and Jefferson Davis.

3) Explain the importance of Fort
Sumter, Antietam, Vicksburg,
Gettysburg, and the Battle for
Atlanta and the impact of
geography on
 these battles.

4) Describe the significance of
the Emancipation

5) Explain the importance of the
growing economic disparity
between the
 North and the
South through an examination
of population,
railroads, and industrial

1) Integrate information from
diverse sources, both primary
secondary, into a
coherent understanding of an
idea or event, noting
discrepancies among sources.

2) Evaluate an author’spremises, claims, and
evidence by corroborating 
challenging them with other

3) Analyze in detail how a
complex primary source is
structured, including
 how key
sentences, paragraphs, and
larger portions of the text
contribute to the whole.

4) Cite specific textual evidence
to support analysis of primary
secondary sources,
connecting insights gained
from specific details to 
understanding of the text as a

Student Investigation Questions

1.  Use the documents, videos, and Google map contained within this website to evaluate
the impact Sherman’s fighting in GA had on Pres. Lincoln’s Re-Election in 1864.
(AP Standard #4)

2. Use the documents, videos, and Google map contained within this website to determine the impact Gen. Sherman’s military campaign in GA  had on the economy.
(Georgia Standards #2 and #5)

3. Use the documents, videos, and map as evidence to evaluate the impact the military campaign in GA had on Pres. Lincoln’s 1864 Re-Election.
(Common Core Standards 1-4)


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